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Drone Detection

Detect and track drones in your airspace with our AirGuard Software Platform.

Drone detection to enhance safety, guarding against corporate espionage and potential stadium threats.

Drone Detection for Schools, Stadiums
& Large Corporations

in Maryland & Florida

drone detection maryland and florida
Ravens Practice Facilty drone detection
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Drone Detection

Aerial drone threats are one of the top security concerns in 2024. We deliver the best turnkey drone detection solution to arm your security team with real time data about the drones that are flying in your airspace.

Why Choose Us for Drone Detection?

  • FAA & FCC Compliant Drone Detection Solution

  • Precisely locate the Drone and Pilot

  • Scalable Detection System

  • Layer various Detection Technologies for complete solution

  • Seamless Integration with Security Systems

  • Expert & Trustworthy Staff

  • Flexible and Affordable Rates

  • 24/7 Support

We offer drone detection in both Maryland and Florida.


Contact us for your FREE drone detection quote.

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